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1997-Honda-CRV Intermittent "Thunk ah" noise coming from front passenger side - please help!

There is an intermittent “Thunk Ah” noise coming from what appears to be the front passenger side of my ’97 CRV. Occurs while driving slow or fast, on turns or while driving straight. No vibrations felt, no shaking or movement of steering wheel, CRV drives straight even when hands are off steering wheel. Noise can happen on smooth or bumpy road but bumps will not always create the noise. When CRV was on the lift the mechanic found problems with right strut and left tie rod end – both front struts were replaced along with the left tie rod end and then an alignment was done. After this CRV continues to make the noise. I always back into my driveway, which is on a slight incline, and park level in my carport with the wheels turned to the left. Twice, within the last week, I parked with the wheels turned to the right. I found that when I parked this way with the wheels turned to the right, I couldn’t get the CRV to produce the “Thunk Ah” noise until later in the day after driving and then parking at work. Mechanics are stumped and don’t know what else to explore. I would really appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks!!

First gen CRVs seem to be susceptible to a number of mysterious thunk/clunk problems. Some possible causes:

Broken motor mount(s)
Radiator upper bushings
Sway bar end links/ bushings

You can do more research on your own by visiting and searching on “thunk” or “clunk.” You’ll find many other CRV owners with similar complaints, and some of their solutions.