1997 Honda Civic shimmies when breaking

I had to get new front breaks and rotors last year (at the dealer) and pretty much ever since then my car has shimmied when applying the breaks. I was told the rear drum breaks were still ok so what should I do about this? Other than being sick of it, Im sure it isnt that safe for the whole car to shake when I break.



Additional info - these are standard breaks no ABS.

Did you have the shimmy before the brake job? Did it start real soon after? If the answers are no and yes, then it could be either the new rotors were warped out of the box, they didn’t torque the Flange Bolts properly or got some garbage between the disk and the wheel bearing flange, or the caliper pins are sticking.

Try a couple of hard stops, not locking up the brakes, but a stop from 60 to 70 as fast as possible without lockup. If after two of these, the problem doesn’t go away at least temporarily, then it is in the rotors. If it does go away for 5 to 10k miles, then repeat as needed. I don’t know why it works, but it often does.