1997 Geo Tracker

How do I check the taillights on a 97 Geo Tracker!

Ummm…Is this a trick question?

My best suggestion would be to get out of the driver’s seat, walk to the back of the car, and take a look at them. If you are referring to the brake lights or the directional lights, have someone else stand in back of the car while you pump the brake and/or activate the directionals.

Is there something more to this question than I gathered?

Well I am a female trying to fix my car. I just wanted some help. I know to get the book and then look at the lights when you pump the brakes. but I am ONE person so I wanted some help.

If you back the car to a wall, or another vehicle, you can see the brake lights reflected from those surfaces. (I’ve tried hitting the brake pedal, and running to the back of the car, at top speed, to check the brake lights. I guess, I’m not fast enough. Perhaps, if I were in peak physical condition…?)