1997 Ford Ranger won't start hot

I have a 1997 ford ranger. Approx 117,000 miles on it. It starts cold but after I’ve been driving for a while and stop, it won’t re-start right away. Can take up to 10 minutes. Any suggestions about what it may be?

Starts cold; but, difficult to start warm is not enough information for, “Any suggestions about what it may be.”
This forum is different than a mechanic in the flesh (or, a virtual mechanic, if they existed). You would (or, should) be surprised at the amount of information a mechanic gathers, in seconds, from a quick look and a listen, to an engine (or, other machine).
Since no mechanic is there to do it, you get volunteered to do a few simple tests to gather more information.
Info. needed: Does the engine have spark, and have it correctly? Is there fuel into the engine at the correct pressure?
What you can do: When it doesn’t start, hold the gas pedal to the floor as you crank the engine. Let up on the gas as the engine starts (if it does). This action is to clear a flooded engine. Check for spark from the spark plugs by: use of any of several types of spark checkers available from the auto parts store. For a possible lack of fuel into the engine, get and use a spray can of Lighter Fluid (from the auto parts store). Spray the Lighter Fluid into the black plastic intake tube on the engine. Crank the engine. If it starts, runs for a few seconds, and then dies, the fuel system needs further troubleshooting (fuel pressure testing, leak-down testing).