1997 Ford Ranger Starting problem



When I try to start my 97 Ford Ranger, I hear a sound like a circuit breaker tripping and then i have no power in the vehicle. After an hour or 2 the power is back on. I’ve changed the battery and starter solenoid, but still have the same problem.


Is there someone you can get to help you track down the location of the ‘tripping breaker’? Perhaps the noise is a relay tripping.

Check the underhood fuse/relay box.

If the noise IS from a relay, once you locate it you should be able to trace the circuit.
There may be a short there.


check battery cable connections and inside wires, dirty ones cause more draw and may trip breaker


Get a voltmeter and check the wiring between the battery and the fuse panel when the trouble is happening. I don’t think this problem is happening due to a circuit breaker due to the long time period it takes to get power back. A breaker would only take a number of seconds to reset.