1997 Changing Fluids

This should work for PS fluid.


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As I said it’s at Menards for $15 per plastic blue jug. It is called Valvoline DEX/MERC. “Recommended for DEXRON III” Dexron 4 is not suitable as a replacement for Dexron III in Toyota transmissions.

As I said earlier the magnets in the the pan and the pan in the transmission need to be cleaned off. Don’t just drain it with the drain plug.

I believe the same Dexron III ATF can be used for PS fluid.

People keep putting incompatible fluid in older transmissions and damaging them.

I believe the inner tie rod ends tend to go bad on that vehicle first. The steering should be tighter after you change them and alignment problems should be fixed.

The engine mounts tend to go bad after 20 to 25 years at least on the older Camry. They’re special fluid filled mounts on the old Camry and if you change them with cheap ones the car will vibrate like crazy in the winter. The XV20 is probably similar.

Maybe the engine mounts were replaced with non OEM ones already. But this problem makes the steering wheel shake not the gas pedal. The whole subframe is mounted to the car with rubber mountso so if the engine mounds make it shake it makes the whole subframe shake which will make the steering wheel shake.

Castrol or even store brand will do just fine

Dude, on op’s power steering reservoir cap, it says plain as day to use dexron

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Not only should you change it, but you should make a note of that guy’s name and what shop he works for, and never take the car there. :wink: