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1997 Cadillac Seville STS ABS cycling problem

When pressing the brakes, I get a continuous thump, thump. I believe the antilock brake system(ABS) might be cycling during a non-ABS brake application. I am not getting a light on the dashboard or an error code. Is this an ABS problem?

Have the braking system checked by a qualified mechanic. Have them look at the front rotors specifically. They may be warped. If you are pressing hard on the brake pedal you may be initiating the ABS system.

Thank you for your reply. I just replaced the front rotors and brake pads. That did not solve the problem even though the rotors did not appear to be warped. I am an easy braker and don’t usually hit the brakes hard. You might say I drive like a Sunday driver. My brother is a mechanic and is investigating the possibility of an ABS problem. My research shows that there are ABS problems with the 1997 Seville. If we can’t solve the problem, then I will need to take it into the dealership. Thank you again.