1997 Buick Lesabre Brake Issue

Hey guys,
You may remember me, I just had posted on here two weeks ago about my 1997 buick lesabre, 4 door, v6. It was having problem stalling out. This weekend a friend and I lifted the car and replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump. Drove great Saturday and Sunday. Today I get in the car, starts up without a hitch. I start heading down my street and realize I am having to push my brake pedal in ALL THE WAY to get it to stop and even then it’s slow to stop. So I back up, pull the hood and check the brake fluid. Sure enough, it’s low, so I run to Advance, grab some fluid and fill it up the max line and think i’m ok. Start the car up, pump the brakes a few time and notice nothing new. I get out and realize I have a very steady leak in front of the right rear wheel of fluid. It’s a steady drip in two places. Is there something I could have done to have caused this. The only line we messed with on Saturday was the emergency brake line and it’s clearly working (I tested it).

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

I don’t think you did anything to the line its time is up