1997 Acura 10w30 oil

I just had my oil changed. After picking up the car I noticed that the work order indicated that the oil used was 10w30 rather than 5w30 as specified in the owners manual. I live in moderate climate. Is the difference a big deal? Should I have my oil changed again with 5w30?

Not a big difference. No harm done. Next time, however, make sure they use the correct oil.

Who did the oil change? Was it a quickie oil change franchise, or an independent mechanic, or an Acura dealer?

Thank you for the speedy response.

I had the oil changed at an independent Union 76 station. I did ask what grade they would use when I dropped the car off. The response I received was “whatever was specified on the cap on the engine”. My mistake though was not remembering the specified grade and signing off on the repair that indicated 10-30.

I was actually trying out the shop in hopes of finding a place convenient to home and for further servicing. I will likely not be going back, since they did not do what they told me they would. Perhaps this is too harsh, since it is not a big difference and no harm done.

Thanks again.

I own a '97 Acura 2.2 CL, and the oil cap on the engine in my car specifies 5w30 oil.

My car has the 2.2 liter 4-cylinder. Yours might have the 3.0 V6. You didn’t specify.

If the oil cap on your car’s engine specifies 5w30, then the shop you patronized lied to you, and you shouldn’t go back there, even though 10w30 won’t cause any damage.

I’m surprise they’re still using 10w30. Sometimes finding a good shop is difficult. I suggest you ask friends, co-workers, relatives, and anyone else you can think of, for recommendations. Chain shops, or shops connected to major brands, are to be avoided, IMHO.

I’ve had success searching my local telephone directory and talking to people who’ve dealt with independent shops in my area.

Good luck.