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1996 Volkswagen Cabrio value?

It’s a convertible. What’s it worth?

First of all your location is unknown , that is a factor . The condition is unknown and the general condition of the vehicle is not known so that means there is no answer to this question. You might try Kelly Blue Book or go have it appraised by a used vehicle dealer.

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Not really our strong point, but you may want to look at our sister publication, BestRide to get a feel for similar cars for sale in your area (if any). I can tell you from experience that unless yours is absolutely perfect with low miles its value is unrelated it being a VW Cabrio at this point.

If you deliver it with a clear title, I’ll give you $5.00

Say $500-$3,000, depending on miles and condition. Go to a site like Edmunds, you’ll get a much better answer.

In clean condition with 180,000 miles, AC, CD changer, and auto transmission, expect about $1200 in a private party sale. Subtract any work it needs from that $1200.