1996 Sliverado K2500 Starting issue

After a hard time plowing and getting stuck finally got truck back up driveway, I have a long steep driveway. Thought it was out of gas because on the way up it was cutting power like it was going to die. Parked it. Put 3 gallons gas in and charged batter to 100%. Starts up, REVS REAL HIGH then slowly drops and dies. I do have a known short in my plow but it has never done this before. Also the wire from my positive post of battery to alternator is hanging on by a thread and looks jacked up. When I try to start I feel like I smell more gas than usual. What could this be? I have a link to the starting process 20 sec video —>

K2500 1996 starting issue - YouTube

There may be a problem with the ignition control module.

The ICM functions in two modes.

The start and the run mode.

So, the module may be functioning fine in the start mode, but failing in the run mode.


Thanks, you think that would be the issue with it briefly feeling like it was going die before I parked it while driving up driveway x 2. I mean my gas was like fumes so I figured it was definitley out gas but after 3 gallons still same thing.

Check the fuel pressure.

You may have damaged the fuel pump.


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ok thanks i will

Depending on how steep of a hill, you might still be out of gas.


Concur w/@It_s-Me above, making sure there’s plenty of fuel in gas tank seems like the first place to start with this symptom. If fuel pump is sucking any air, extra air might be injected into engine, similar to pressing accel pedal, which could cause rpm to increase unexpectedly. Fore-to-aft tilt b/c of hill can make problem worse. I’d have guessed 3 gallons would be enough, but depends on steepness of hill.