1996 Pontiac Sunfire is ideling rough

I tried to start my car. After it turned over a couple of times I let off the key.

Then, I started it and now it has a miss while ideling and at low RPM’s. The car was low on gas at this time. Is it possible that an injector is clogged or the timing belt may have slip a little?

Fill up the gas tank and then see how it runs. If it runs with no problems, you might looking at a weak fuel pump.


I filled the car up but still has the miss. Any other ideas?
Thank you for any advice you may have…

First, would be fresh, new, spark plugs. If still missing,change the spark plug wires.

The car doesn’t have plug wires-it’s an overhead cam. However, I did change plugs and all fliters. Also, put in some good injector cleaner-still has a bad miss at ideling and at low speeds. More ideas welcome!!

The 2.2L engine has spark plug wires. The 2.4L engine has coil-on-plug.
More information welcome! What are the trouble codes? The check engine light did come on, didn’t it? Get the codes, and we may be able to help you further.

The sais it was the MAF. However in cleaing the MAF I found a vacuum line off. Thanks for all of your replies…