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1996 Nissan Pick Up Brake Lines

My 1996 Nissan pickup has a leak in the brake lines behind the gas tank. Can the brake lines be replaced to run around the tank or must the tank be removed and the lines replaced exactly as they were by the factory?

The line can be re-routed. Just keep it away from the exhaust. It can boil the fluid in the line and cause brake failure. And use flared end fittings to make the connections, not compression fittings.

The brake lines can be moved but they should be located so that they won’t snag on curbs, brush, etc., and must be secured so that they don’t scuff and wear holes in them. It is bet to make wide radius turns and use the correct type lines and avoid using compression fittings on brakes.

Any pipe can easily be bent to custom fit whatever diagram. The pipe ends need to be flared to prevent leakage at the connections.
If you mean to do this yourself, see if you can buy the replacement first. Pipe bending and flaring doesn’t always work out that well in the first attempt. I would not do anything except replace the line exactly as they are - close to the carriage and protected. And if you have any doubts about your ability to replace the line with a high quality and professional installation, have the work done for you.

Thank you for your answer, it is greatly appreciated! I will be having the work done by a local mechanic, not doing it myself.