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1996 Mitsubishi Mirage stalls in certain gears

My Mitsubishi Mirage stalls when put in D or R but does not when in P or N what’s the problem

Those 2 gears put a load on the engine, while P and N do not. That’s why it stalls but that is not the problem causing it. You need to answer a few questions for us to even make a wild guess as to what the problem might be. So;

Is the check engine light on?
What engine is in this car?
How many miles on the car?
When did it start doing this?
Can you still drive it if you press on the gas pedal to keep it running?

It started after blowing the valve body with pressure. You can’t drive it because when you press the accelerator pedal it stalls. No check light. Its a 4g15 engine with a MAP sensor.kilometers 219012 and the torque convertor makes noise when you start the engine

Just what would that be, exactly?

Does it move when you put it in D, foot off the pedal?

I’m no scientist… but over 200,000 KM on the clock and “torque converter noise” make this pretty clear to me.

I’d say you have a visit to a transmission shop in your future.

I meant tyre pressure from the compressor used to pump pressure in a does not move even if you let your foot off the pedal

What did you do with the air compressor, just where did you put the air?

Or better yet, start at the beginning of this story to tell us exactly what you did. So far everything you have said is from the middle of the story. What and why did you do what you did?

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I replaced the gear box with the one which developed rust inside in which l had cleaned it.upon fitting it it started engaging gears very fast even when moving at 20km/h.That’s when l removed the valve body and forced the compressed air into the openings of every solenoid valves after that l changed the oil ( ATF) and it behaved for about a week. Thereafter, one day when l parked it .After sometimes l started it and engaged D the engine just died R the same with a lot of noise in the engine when dying.But at P or N it revs ok