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1996 mazda protege grease fittings?

Hello all, I was wondering where the grease fittings are located (if there are any) on a 1996 mazda protege. There is also a strange rattling knocking sound coming from the left side when the RPM’s reach 2500 or higher. Any ideas?

If you mean steering/suspension grease fittings, there are none if the vehicle still has the OEM parts. This is how vendors cut costs of the parts they supply to vehicle manufacturers. But if you replace a component with a quality aftermarket part, it comes with a grease fitting.

As far as the noise, does it happen when the vehicle isn’t moving and you bring the RPM’s up?


There are no grease fittings on a '96 Protege.

Need more info about the noise.

Left side? Left side of what?

Thanks for the information about the fittings. Yes, the noise happens when the car isn’t moving and the RPM’s are brought up. It sounds like its originating from the left side of the engine, but that could just be perception.

You might be hearing an exhaust component heat shield that’s broken loose. When the engines cold, inspect the exhaust system to see if a heat shield is rattling when the engine reaches that RPM frequency.


Oh, yeah. Sounds like a heat shield to me. Tester has done it again.