1996 Mazda Miata overheats

I have a 1996 mazda miata. It has started to overheat at stop-start traffic/idle.Start moving and it goes back to normal. I checked the coolant. It is full. Anyone have an idea?

Check the electric fan (or fans - may have 2) to see if at least one is running when the engine is hot. If one is running and the other not, turn on the AC and see if the 2nd one runs. If the fans don’t run, search out the fan relay in the fuse block and swap it with another relay of the same type right there in the fuse block. If the fan runs, replace the relay.

If it still doesn’t run, check the wiring at the fan to see if it is getting at least 12 volts. If power it there and the fan doesn’t run, replace the fan. If there is no power there, likely the temp sensor is not working.

At that age you could have a tired radiator, with some deposits inside and fins coming loose from the tubes. One hears of worn vanes on an old water pump and that may be the case here, too. It’s worth getting this checked out and fixed - except for lack of oil, overheating is the worst thing for an engine.

Are you able to do any of the work required to solve this over heating problem ? If the answer is No then have a shop look at it before you have serious engine damage.

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