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1996 Isuzu Trooper - Ball joint help

Having replaced upper ball joints and tie-rod ends, the front wheels are in serious trouble. The ball joint mount screws are not long enough to allow sufficient number of shims to be used. With max capacity of shims, it was still about 5½° out of kelter. I need some serious help. please.

Did it occur to you that you… Installed the wrong part? or Installed the part incorrectly? If this was not a problem before the repair, the parts or the installation are the problem.

This concerns me… the pictures on RockAuto show 3 bolts that hold the upper ball joint in place. The alignment shims do NOT go between the ball joint and the control arm.

And 5 degrees in what direction?? Camber (the angle from vertical) ? or toe (front to rear angle)?

Camber is controlled by shims at the upper control arm and the frame mounting. Toe is controlled by how far in or out the tie rod is screwed. So which is the problem?

I watched a friend try to do his own ball joints once in the 1980s. Since then I have known this is not a DIY project.