1996 Ford Thunderbird


I know I already posted…just wanted to add a little more detail…

I have been having trouble with my car recently. Over the winter I had a new battery installed and last sunday after leaving my car at the airport over a two week trip I returned to find my battery dead. I had it jumped by a professional and then drove it home. The next morning I get in my car and once again it is not starting. I once again have it jumped by a professional and it works fine. It works fine until tonight when I leave work. When I leave work it has a charge and the lights and radio work but it will not start. It sounds like it is about to start but will not completely roll over. I try two times to get the car jumped from seperate indivduals to no avail. Then I call a professional. He says that it is not the battery and is also not the fuel pump because he could here that. He said that he was not sure what the problem is but it might be spark plugs or a coil. I am also new to my area and do not know about this mechanic does this sound right or does anyone have any ideas???


next time it happens try to jump the starter solenoid with a screwdriver with the key to the on postion if this works the starter solenoid is bad.


What engine and how many miles on the car? Does the engine turn over (crank) but not start? Or does it refuse to turn over at all… When you turn to key to “start”, what happens?