1996 Ford Taurus Wagon (3.0L Vin U) Catalytic Converter Replacement

I need to replace the catalytic converters (there are two of them; one on on each branch of the y-pipe) on my 1996 Taurus Wagon. I had to do this once before, on my 1997 Taurus Wagon. That time I got a bolt-on unit (the whole y-pipe including the converters) from a company in Richmond, VA for about $260.00. That was a good price, but the aftermarket units are about $85.00 apiece from advance auto, representing an opportunity to save $70.00 off the part.

The thing about the aftermarket ones, though, as opposed to the bolt-on, is I would need to cut out the existing converter units, and then clamp on the aftermarket converters in their place. What concerns me about that approach is the right branch of the y-pipe bends upward toward the engine almost immediately adjacent to the point at which it connects to the converter part of that branch of the y-pipe. In short, there is not very much straight pipe there to cut and clamp to at all.

Have any of you guys or gals installed aftermarket catalytic converter units on your Tauruses or Sables? Tips?



93 Taurus GL Sedan

96 Taurus GL Wagon

97 Taurus GL Wagon

97 Sable Sedan

Take the car and the converter to Midas or somewhere similar, and let them weld / fabricate as necessary to install the converter. Or if you have a band saw / chop saw / angle grinder, you can buy some bends and straight pieces of exhaust pipe from most auto parts stores and weld up your own solution.

If you try to rig something up and you have much of a leak before the converter, it will be a pretty big leak, simply because there is a fair amount of backpressure right there.

Check around and find a muffler shop to put on an after market unit. It may be cheaper and or easier to let them buy the part. Compare total price with them buying it and total price with you buying it, if they will even use yours.

Remember that if they don’t make a few $$ on the part, they need to increase their other charges and if something goes wrong with the install and you supplied the part, then the whole thing gets more complex.