1996 Ford Ranger replacement head lamps



Thank goodness


If they aren’t available from the Ford dealer, scour the internet… Ebay or the like. You might get lucky if you have lots of patience.


Rock auto has replacement headlamps for $16 to $21, does it need to be a factory original?


I would like to have the original factory ones. I wish I would’ve kept the ones I had when I got the headlights replaced. I didn’t know all I had to do was change the bulb to make it brighter. What a headache it’s been, the guy that installed my new headlights had no idea what he was doing, they are loose, I can move them some. I’m learning. Always willing to learn. Thanks.


A 1996 Ranger is not a valuable vehicle so original lights really don’t mean much. Any good body shop should be able to take care of the looseness of the ones you have.


When I had Rangers I used this place for parts.

Browns of Two Rivers.




Do you mean the entire headlight ass’y got replaced, rather than just the bulb?


Yes, they replaced the whole thing. The first one broke it and tried to tell me I broke it. They replaced it with another set. There was a clip that was missing. My boyfriend tried to fix it, screwed it down. It’s still loose and not set right.


It sounds like it needs to be replaced again. That part on my Corolla is about $45. New, oem version. If in the same price range on your Ranger, might be a good idea to just replace it with a good part. You could probably get it even less expensive used, at your local junkyard or pick and pack.


Thank you all for the advice.


OEM headlamps for a 1992 Corolla list for $175 each.


You can find them as well as replacement ones on ebay.


That’s for the Japan version I think. The USA oem version is a little over $100 from what I see. I can’t recall where I saw them listed for $45. Oh, yeah, now I remember, it was at Rockauto. You are right, that’s a new part, but probably not an oem part.