1996 Ford Mustang

I am buying a 96 Mustang V6 3.8 w/ 136k miles. Its sounds great, runs smooth, tranny drives her really nice, and A/C will freeze your nose off. She needs some TLC, a little wax will do good, and a nice detailed clean will make her happy again. I want to give it to my wife, since her brother borrowed her old car, and wrecked it. Here is the real question, what should I do maintenance wise, before I give it to her.

Motor Oil & Filter change -

Tranny Oil & Filter change -

Spark Plug, Cables, and Rotor change -

Fuel Filter change -

Flush Radiator -

Flush Power Steering -

Flush Brake Pump -

I would love to overhaul it, but I would have bought one in perfect condition to waste all that money…