1996 Dodge Intrepid

I HV A 1996 DODGE INTREPID ,starts up and runs fine,but when its shifted into drive its shuts off ,any suggestions?

Auto or manual transmission? How many miles. Is the maintenance up to date? Did this happen suddenly or did the problem creep up on you? If auto transmission, has the fluid ever been changed? Filter cleaned or replaced?

Torque Converter Locked Up ? Will It Get Moving At All ? If So, I’d Get Diagnostic Trouble Codes Read At A Major Auto Parts “Chain” Store.

A little handheld code reader might help you if its got codes stored.

Do you have digital LED odometer numbers or are they mechanical ?


" . . . but when its shifted into drive . . ." . . . Joseph, I don’t think they ever put a Manual Transmission In An Intrepid. It Is An Automatic.