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1996 Chevy S-10 with a few problems

I own a 1996 Chevy S-10 pickup which I took to a local radiator mechanic to have the heater core replaced due to excessive leaking. The mechanic replaced the heater core and when I drove off the mechanic?s property I immediately noticed quite a few problems which are listed below.

1) Extreme loss of power.

2) Transmission would not shift properly.

3) Top speed attained was only 45 mph.

4) ABS gauge light came on.

5) Speedometer did not function.

6) Air Bag light came on.

7) No turn signals.

8) Gas Gauge did not work.

9) Hazard lights did not work.

10) Brake lights did not work.

11) Headlights did not operate.

12) My XM pre-saved radio stations were still saved and radio did operate though! (So what?s the problem right?.I can still listen to the radio.)

None of the issues listed above were present before I took my truck to the mechanic.


Javier Soliz

If the dash had to be disassembled to replace the heater core then chances are they forgot to plug in a few things or left a ground strap loose.

Have you gone back and brought this to their attention?

That’s exactly what I said and they said that my ignition switch was most likely about to go out and that’s what is causing all these problems.

Go back and remind them that the Hazard, Brake, and Headlights function without the ignition switch being on. They forgot to reconnect something.


I did already. They said they rechecked and everything was connected. They mentioned the multi-switch possibly went out and I would have to pay to have it replaced.