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1996 chevy s-10 idler arm, ball joints, and shocks cost

1996 lil red pickup has 150k miles. it has been a bit bumpy for years, and was told to change shocks a few years back but just put it off. now it is squeaking like crazy. moved from CA to New Orleans and the potholes are bad, so first squeaking was over potholes. now it’s all the time and pretty loud, so this is not fun. control arm, ball joints and shocks are all original and shot so new ones are in order so says the mechanic (alignment, oil change, rotation, thrown in). cost is $1,600. I love this little truck. it still is pretty and shiny and runs well, so I don’t mind the money, but does it sound right?

To Answer Generally, . . . Probably. To Answer Specifically, More Information Is Needed. Can You Post A Detailed List Of Parts And Labor Operations That Are Estimated ?
Oh, and a second opinion by a second mechanic wouldn’t hurt.


Total for arm, joints, and shocks - $1,438

idler arm $90
drag link $132
lower ball joints $150
upper ball joints $106
labor $160
labor $160
labor $110
labor $90
shocks $320
shocks labor $120

changed out serpentine belt for $64

less a discount, add taxes - total $1,610.

Local Tire Kingdom (I have Big O tires). Most family and friends use them. My brother has a loyal '96 Silverado and said it’s about time and sounded right, so do it.

The total sounds okay to me considering all the work that’s being done. You could save a lot of money by doing it yourself but if you are not mechanically inclined then having someone else do the job is your only option. I would get a second opinion from a good. independent mechanic first however.

@lilredpickup I can’t argue with your shop’s diagnosis.

However, based on your symptoms, here’s what I’d recommend.
As a starting point.
Front and rear shocks
Front and rear sway bar bushings and links.

You might be pleasantly surprised. And it shouldn’t cost a lot of labor.

By the way . . . why are you sure the ball joints are bad? Many people wrongly make this assumption, when the source of noise is elsewhere.