1996 Chevy Lumina wont turn over everything else works



I pulled in the driveway went out two days later and my car wouldn’t turn over everything in the car still works… (headlights don’t dim, radio still works, etc.) you can hear the fuel pump ingage and all the dash lights stay on… We tried a couple of things but none have worked if you have advice you could give us it would be very helpful… Thank you


Even though the lights and other low power (amperage) things work, that doesn’t mean that the battery has enough power (voltage and amps) to crank the engine. Get a jump start and let us know how that works.


Do check the battery’s level of charge and try a jump. But before the jump pull and clean the terminals/connectors. Of course that and a jump might fall under “tried a couple of things” - maybe it would be best to mention what those things were.

I am also assuming (as I’m guessing hellokit was as well) that when you say “won’t turn over” you mean that you turn the key and it won’t crank. Some people say their car won’t “turn over” if it cranks but doesn’t start. Some clarity there would help too.


Sounds like the battery is worn out. Headlights, radio, etc don’t take much amperage to work. Turning the engine requires HUGE amounts of amperage.

Have the battery and the charging system tested. If the battery fails the “load test,” it’s shot.


Try turning the ignition switch to the run position so that the dash lights come, step on the brake pedal and shift the transmission into neutral. Now try starting the engine. If the engine starts there’s a problem with the park/neutral safety switch.



Wont turn over meaning the starter isn’t doing anything but I can manually jump the starter at the selinoide and it starts and runs for about 4 seconds then dies… We have already checked the battery, and turned the ignition switch on and tried to start it in neutral.


Now, with a jump-start, the engine will start and run for 4 seconds, right? First, the battery has bad connections, and/or is weak. Clean connections (wire brush), and check/replace the battery.
The “runs only for 4 seconds” I’ll leave for someone else.


Next thing to check is the positive battery cable assembly.

Remove both battery cables from the battery. On the positive cable assembly peel back the red rubber cover to expose the two terminals. If a lot of corrosion is found under this red rubber cover replace the positive cable assembly.



Okay so we changed the battery, cleaned the terminals, and changed the cables… still nothing! Don’t know what to do?? Any more advice?


Get down to the starter solenoid and jump it, no starter inhibit installed? are you 100% sure?


You jumpered from the battery cable, down at the starter, over to the starter solenoid, and it started and ran for 4 seconds? You tried to start the engine with the gear shift in neutral, and it didn’t. This would indicate that the solenoid isn’t getting power from the ignition switch, and through whatever else is in between.

Your car has a theft deterrent relay, and a theft deterrent module. One of these might be preventing start. You can bypass the relay and module by jumpering wires at the theft deterrent relay. Jumper the yellow wire at C2 to the purple wire at C1 on the theft deterrent relay. The purple wire goes to the starter solenoid.
The engine runs for only 4 seconds. Dirty fuel filter?


yes we did jump it from the starter solenoid and it ran for 4 seconds and then died. what is a starter inhibit?


Below are my comments about the STARTER INHIBITOR components and circuits, and how to bypass them.


where can we find the c2 and c1 wire at? Sorry if its a stupid question… I appreciate you helping me…


Sorry I mean where can I find the yellow and purple wire at and where is C2 and C1 located at… Sorry I’m not the best with cars. I do thank yall though


Sorry I mean where can I find the yellow and purple wire at and where is C2 and C1 located at… Sorry I’m not the best with cars. I do thank yall though


Wherejumper the yellow C2 to the purple at C1 on the theft deterrent relay purple wire goes to the starter solenoid… Where is this at?