1996 Chevrolet s10 blazer

I recently had the torque drive raplaced. I tried to go into 4 wheel drive and it would not engage.Could this be related to the repair or is it a seperate problem.

I have no idea what a “torque drive” is on a Blazer, but here are a few things I’ve learned from my 2000 Blazer LT.

  1. The Transfer Control Case Module (TCCM) will freeze up if the 4wd drive is not engaged on a regular basis. A GM tech recommended unplugging the wiring harness at the TCCM, it’s located behind the right kick panel on my Blazer. It’s easier to disconnect the negative battery terminal for a few minutes.

  2. Check the vacuum hoses, after 10 years they were deteriorating on my Blazer.

  3. If it sounds like the transfer case is engaging, but the light is still blinking there may be a problem with the front axles not engaging. There is a vacuum control switch that controls the vacuum actuator that engages the front axles. The switch is located in the center of the firewall (on the Blazer) and the actuator is located under the battery tray. A bad switch will disable the actuator. I removed the vacuum hoses from the switch and spliced them together. The front axles then engaged and the 4wd light stopped blinking.

Here’s a few links that helped me.


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I too am wondering what a torque drive is. The only suggestion I can think of, and it’s an obvious one, is the pushbutton selector itself. These tend to get iffy over time in these GM trucks. Try fiddling with the buttons a little bit, or just price them out and replace them if they’re cheap. They are very easy to replace, just pop in and out of the dash.

You need to clarify exactly what was replaced. Torque converter maybe? Did the transmission come out?

You need to give folks some history / context. How many miles are on it? Do you know for a fact that the 4WD was working normally before the work on ?? was done? Have you used 4WD a lot? Do you have any warning lights on the dash?

You tried to go into 4WD and “it would not engage.” Describe. What - exactly - happens.

Try backing up in 4 wheel drive that will straighten the chain in the transfer case.

my 96 blazer will not start in the rain unless it is in the garage and dry. I have replace almost everything from the key cylinder to plugs and it continues. Once it starts and is hot no problem.

While attempting to start it turns over and as I am turning it off it will chug like it is trying to start. Fuel is not the issue, I even tried starting fluid without effect.

It appears that it is grounding out somewhere when wet. My driveway slopes and the car will not start when facing up hill but with great effort will when facing down hill. So I started it and drove 1/4 mile and parked on a flat surface, when I returned in 20 minutes it would not start.

So trying to start it when parked up hill or flat during the rain and humidity I have this starting problem. ANY SUGGESTIONS


I suggest you start a new thread with the starting question, you will get more replies as this is an old thread.

Were the dist. cap, rotor, coil, and/or spark plug wires replaced on the Blazer?

Replaced, key cylinder,battery,ignition switch,rotor, cap,spark plugs,ignition coil (on coil),coil, coolant temp sensor.
And the problem persist.