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1996 chevrolet astrovan brakes

a while ago i had to lock up my brakes to prevent an accident. now my brakes are soft and spongy, going all the way to the floor and still not quite stopping. making abs type noise. also i can press all the way down while standing still, with the same type noise. thanks for any info.

Sounds dangerous. Don’t drive it until you get it fixed. A brake bleeding/flushing could help if there’s air in the brake lines. Could be a wheel speed sensor or brake master cylinder problem.

Sounds like this is old brake fluid, and it boiled in the calipers. A complete fluid change should fix it. Brake fluid should be changed every few years anyway. Never saw that in your handbook, did you? I know it’s not in any of mine. :slight_smile:

Best of luck,

Sounds like you need a new master cylinder to me.