1996 Chev K2500 Deisel 6.5 3.73 Gears

Why is it the Chev K1500 towing capacity greater then the towing capacity of a Diesel K2500 Chev. 1996 Yrs. My owners manaul says I can only tow 6000lbs. That seem very low for 3/4 ton Diesel truck.

If you think the menual conatains a “misprint” contact GM. Until you know different you have to accept the numbers in the manual as the safe towing capacity for your truck. It’s out of warranty so you can do whatever you want.

Towing capacities have increased dramatically in the 14 years since this truck was new. Part of this is more powerful motors, and the other part is better and more powerful braking systems.

That does seem low. But keep in mind the 6.5L wasn’t exactly brimming with power either, and can’t hold a candle to the newer Duramax diesels. Also the K1500 is weighs less and could be had with an LT1-based 350 that offered significantly more HP than the 6.5L diesel and only slightly less torque.

Carrying weight and towing it are two different things. Most tires with 60 PSI in them seem to handle like bald tires in rain. Chevy may be trying to keep you safe. Maximum load in the bed of my GMC 1500 extra cab 4WD is 605 pounds. I wonder who figured that out. I saw an offensive lineman being carried off the field in a golf cart. Two of them would overload my truck bed. Just seems funny. No wonder John Madden has a bus.