1996 4runner shutoff every time I stop

Every time I stop it shutoff.

The problem might be with a dirty/defective Idle Air Control valve.


The IAC valve is what allows the engine to idle anytime the accelerator is released.

To find out if this is the cause, start braking with your left foot when coming to a stop while at the same time slightly stepping on accelerator with your right foot.

If doing this prevents the engine from stalling, it points to a problem with IAC valve.



Could it be a gunked up fuel filter

Unlikely because a clogged filter would reduce high rpm power, not low rpm idle quality.

Found the problem it was a broken vacuum hose,
Thanks everyone for the great info.

Awesome,yup… thats how it goes. Although a broken vacume hose normally tends to create a high idle situation on fuel injected vehicles. Glad you sorted it out.

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