1996 1996 infiniti i3 during summer months mainly will die constanly when you slow down

I have a 1996 inifinty we bought in 2006 has ran good until the last 2 years. when you slow down at a red light or stop sign it will die on you. We have had the fuel pump, Mass flow sensor,starter, spark plugs,rewire harness for MAF and I think not to long ago the alternator was replaced also. But when you are drivng the radio will turn off then the car will die the air also stops working. It does this when the weather is getting hot only does not seem to do it in the winter maybe a few times but the summer it is alomost every time you drive it.

failing ignition switch?

Idle Air Controller? That controls your idle.
Have you had the battery and charging system tested?
Have there been nay fault codes stored in the computer? If so, what were they?
Are there any other operating symptoms?

Know that when the engine stops, the AC will stop. That’s not a symptom of cause, but a result of the condition.