1995 Subaru Automatic Transmission

Hello all,
My 1995 Legacy is slipping in reverse while backing up an incline. On level ground it seems fine. I Changed the fluid, but it’s still doing it. Forward gears seem fine. It’s an automatic transmission. Help!

I haven’t been into one of these in ages but from memory I seem to remember oil pump cover problems due to it getting chewed on by the reverse drum. Any problem with an aged and/or high mileage automatic transmission really means that the transmission needs to be rebuilt or replaced. There is no piece meal repair; at least not by a sane person.

Set the park brake, hold the foot brake, place the shifter in REVERSE, and try to quickly rev the engine. It should stall out around 2000 RPM give or take. If it revs to 3000 or something like that the transmission is slipping and this means overhaul or replace. If you do this test do it quickly and preferably only do it once.