1995 S-10 pickup, fan rubs on shroud


The fan rubs on the bottom of the shroud. It is direct contact with the bottom, and there is about 2" clearance at the top. Motor, body, and transmission mounts, and fan assembly appear okay. Radiator and shroud have never been removed. It seems to me that the fan should be more centered. Any ideas what could cause this? (6 cyl., automatic trans, 140,000 miles) Thanks Fred


You said the motor and tranny mounts APPEAR good. Have you or a tech actually used a pry bar to test them?

Other than that, perhaps the fan mounting bolts are set in slotted holes and have slipped or the shroud has relocated.


Is this a two piece shroud? Astro’s did this occasionally I never fully understood why,repositioning the shroud with spacers worked with no negative consequences.


Yes, it is a 2 piece shroud. Installing spacers is what one shop recommended. Fred