1995 Pont. Grand Am / 4 cylinder / 2.3L engine

What would cause the oil separator to get a bunch of yellowish cottage cheese looking stuff inside it? We tried cleaning it out by blowing air through it, but when we put the part back on and drove it, the stuff got in it again.


Pull the oil dipstck out and look at the level/color of the oil.


Coolant getting in the oil.
Do a leakdown test on the cylinders. The kit is cheap, the test easy, and you may discover a blown headgasket. Post back with the results.

On the Quad Four, a failing water pump will also put coolant into the oil. Strictly speaking, the answer to your question is that coolant is getting into your oil. Now, you just have to figure out where it’s coming from.

Thanks. You’re the second person to tell me that is the problem. Thanks for your time and opinion.