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1995 nissan Pathfinder

I have a1995 Pathfinder SE auto trans and not shifting. This is the story, I have a cousin rented me a battery which he installed on this day. I came out of the house the truck running and all the red light on the dash was on and a horrible sound from a slipping belt. I decided to drive the car to a mechanic on my way i heard two loud explosion, seems to come from underneath, the truck still running the rear wiper going out of control someone suggested I have a bad battery. He instructed me to turn the engine off. He changed the battery to a new one, alas! nothing works no light, radio, signals, horn feels like no battery. I left my cousin with the truck, months later a trusted mechanic found out my alternator is bad, he changed it but, my trans seems to be slow in drive and I think it does not change. I found out some gadget got blown like some power windows, some light bulbs, radio cassette, can there be anything else that could be affected? Trans oil is not smelly or black. Please help.

All I can surmise with any certainty is that he installed the “rented” battery in reverse polarity. And blew some items (like the diodes in the rectifier of the alternator). The fusible link in the car is probably also blown. And perhaps a few other things. Unfortunately, I think you’re going to have to find a shop that specializes in automotive electrical systems to get this one fixed.

Batteries are made with different poles on different ends, depending on the desired physical fit. My guess is that the “renetd battery” was polarized reverse to your original.

Thanks the same mountainbike, Can it affect the trans or the computer or why is the trans no changing

Yes, you might also have a damaged TCM (Transmission Control Module) and/or damaged ECM.
Sadly, this may turn out to be the most expensive rented battery in history.

For the record, I sincerely hope I’m wrong. I hope someone just finds a bunch of blown fuses.

Thanks, where is the TCM and ECM located, can it be replaced with one from auto recycling center?