1995 Mercedes C220 battery change able to do by self?



Anyone know of proper procedures to change a Mercedes battery? Dealer said THEY HAVE TO (haha) change it. I’m assuming there are electrical controls to reset after the battery is changed.


Any person can change a battery, but a simple disconnect causes the loss of computer stored memory, presets, and radio security codes. No problem for a shop that is prepared. They plug in a 9v gizmo into the lighter receptacle, thus retaining all codes during the disconnect. Failure to retain the codes might even require a trip to the dealership to reset the security codes.

You could also handle it yourself if you own a battery charger.


What is the problem that is causing you to need a battery charge?


He said battery change, not charge.


This is actually my father’s vehicle. He would like to disconnect the battery to perform some maintenance on the antenna. Wanted to know what items he would have to reset when he reconnects the battery. A friend recommended he NOT disconnect the battery b/c he would have to reset a lot of settings. I believe in addition the radio, there may be other systems affected? Just wanted to see if anyone had some experience. Thanks!


Ops, I misread the post. I do believe that some systems will have to be reset when the battery is disconnected, such as the power windows. It might make more sense to just remove the fuse associated with the antenna if it needs to be depowered.


Are not all addaptive values maintained (if this vehicle has any may be to old) if the battery is disconnected. Is this true on vehicles that have addaptive systems (transmissions,possible engine)