1995 mecury villager

what kind of transmission fluid is used in a 1995 mecury villager

It may be that someone here will be sure of the specifics, but…

Generally Ford/Mercury use Dexron/Mercon fluids, but this stuff gets tricky (e.g. I’m pretty sure that Mercon V is not backwards compatible). The owner’s manual specification is a good bet, but sometimes recommendations change as new fluids are produced. I would call the parts/service dept of you local Ford/Mercury dealer, as they should know the latest recommendations. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy the fluid from them, but even then the cost difference is probably not that large for the peace of mind - its really not something that you want to get wrong.

If the recommendations have changed, I would also ask them about mixing old vs. new, unless you’re changing out all of the fluid. Even if there is a newer fluid recommendation, you might want to go with matching whatever is likely in there now.

Mercon V is backward compatable. Dexron III, Mercon is not forward compatable. The 95 Mercury Villager/Nissan Quest is stated to use Mercon. Oil manufacturers have stoped producing Dexron III and Mercon and now Mercon V is stated to be used in all applications calling for Dexron, DexronIII, Mercon, and Mercon V.
( Ford dealer parts man 29 yrs ) kg… Buying fluid with any of these names on the bottle will service your Villager ; Dexron III, Mercon, Mercon V.

I knew someone in the know would come along.

Was I confused by this TSB then?

Because I have a '97 Escort and looked it up when doing my pan/filter and read this to mean that I shouldn’t use Mercon V - but I guess I read it wrong?

The tsb refered to was published 2001. Since then new guide lines have been issued. Mercon V can be used for everything older reqiring Dexron III, & Mercon. Don’t put older dexron III into a new application that says only Mercon V.
I’m still searching for the official Ford notice that you can read, I’ll post here later when I find it. . kg.

TSB # 06-14-04

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Lots of good info for Ford owners here

digging down:

As Ken wrote, the TSB was superceeded, maybe several times since 2001.