1995 Mazda 323 - Oil and water

When I removed the termostat yesterday, A day after. The engine oil was mixed with water when I check the oil in the morning.why the water and oil mixed together?could it because of rwmoving termostat?thanks… pls. Let me know.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Why did you remove thermostat ?


Lemme guess… the car overheated so you removed the thermostat, right?

Then you see water in the oil… blown head gasket or a cracked head is the result of the overheating, not thermostat removal.


Or the blown head gasket or cracked head caused the overheating in the first place. The oil and water (coolant) could come from a failed automatic transmission cooler in your radiator.
In any case, antifreeze had started eating your engine bearings and given its age I think you are in the market for a new car.
I do remember a Dodge minivan where the head gaskets failed with only 50 miles left on the warranty and the oil and water were mixed that got new head gaskets replaced under warranty and ran quite well for 7 years that I know of after the repair.