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1995 Lexus ES

As I was turning right during a rainstorm, the steering wheel would not turn the car to the right… It seemed to lock up. So I went straight and home turning left each time in order to get home. The next morning, I could again turn right. What do you think happened to lock up my steering (to the right) on the previous day?

Start By Having The Power Steering Belt Checked. If It’s Loose/Worn Then The Rain Could Have Made It Slip Completely, Making Steering Very Difficult, Especially When Stopped.

While Having It Checked, Have The Whole Vehicle Safety Checked, Particularly The Steering And Front Suspension.

Obviously, the car is dangerous to drive in this condition.


As CSA suggests, this is most likely a case of a loose or worn serpentine belt.
But, a safety check of the front end is a good idea while the car is in the shop.

Additionally, have them check to see if any of the original splash shields are missing.
These shields are supposed to keep excess water from getting into areas like the belt, but with an 18 year old car, it is very possible that previous collision damage destroyed a splash shield or two.