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1995 Honda Engine Replacement Question

Hi all. I am new to the board and am very excited about the expert advice. Please help settle this question once and for all for my dear dad.

Our timing belt on our 1995 2.2 Accord LX broke (engine has over 300K miles) and, besides replacing the timing belt, etc., we considered buying a used engine with minimal mileage (around 60K or so.) My husband and I found a '95 engine for $600 and a Honda mechanic friend who would replace the old one for $450.

My dad thinks that we should be able to shop around for a newer used Honda engine that has less mileage. Several dealers have told him that only 1994 and 1995 engines can be used for our '95 accord lx. Is it true that these are the only two engine options?


Personally I would go with the $1000 solution and see what transpires. The $1000 can also be applied to replacing timing belt and very likely smashed valves but 300k is a well used engine and likely not worth it. I don’t see how you are going to find a 94/95 engine with minimal mileage and I believe the dealer. The likely case is in 1996 it went to an OBD-II engine which has revised emmissions which your car lacks the sensors/wiring harness and computer to run.

If this is an automatic transmission car and original I would expect that to go and essentially total your car. Spend the minimal amount of money and see how far it goes.

If the used engine really has 60K miles, I would buy it. You are unlikely to buy a decent replacement car for $1000. Have you verified the engine mileage? If you have the VIN of the car, you can run a carfax report and verify the actual mileage (the last time I checked a used engine’s mileage, the actual was more than twice what was claimed by the seller).

I’d go with the same year . . same size . . . same everything for the replacement. Yes, try to verify the mileage also . . . but I wouldn’t switch years or sizes . . . a nightmare! Can you listen to the replacement run before they pull it? Craig has a great idea about the Carfax, but even 60k is a lot if the engine was abused or neglected. Most of the engines I’ve bought I asked to hear them run (not always possible), and one more thing . . . since the old motor is trash anyway, why not pull it apart until you determine the damage from the timing belt breaking? Was the car runnung when it broke? Some break upon start-up and the car just cranks, doesn’t start. A good shop should be able to do bearing, rings, gaskets and check the head for you IF you don’t have valve or piston damage due to the belt breaking. Good luck! Rocketman

There are several places that import used low mileage Japanese engines and transmissions to the US for resale. Try to find one of those. 60k miles for a engine from a car in Japan is NOT that unusual. They usually don’t put a lot of miles on their vehicles like we do in the US.

But the miles put on in Japan tend to be very hard miles. Lots of stop-and-go.

To the OP: You win this one. You are unlikely to find an engine of this vintage with fewer miles. Sounds like a great deal, but only go ahead with it if the rest of the car is in good shape.

Hi andrew_j ) and everyone else who has weighed in on the issue. We had the car towed to our Honda mechanic friend yesterday and, once he took at look at the inside of the engine, agreed with our decision to replace the engine. The car was working when the belt broke. Fortunately, my husband was not on the highway and was able to coast to a side street. The Honda tech searched for an engine at the same company used by the Honda dealership where he works and he was able to find a '95 engine with 75K (10K less than one we had found). Yes, it is an automatic transmission. It is my husband’s work car (40 mi/day roundtrip)–we live in Houston where everything is at least that distance roundtrip. :slight_smile: We just need our '95 to last at least a couple or so more years until we decide we want to buy a new one. The rest of the car is fine.

As far as engine models, our friend said engines through 1997 would fit; however, as you have pointed out, andrew_j, it would require the additional sensors, etc.