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1995 Honda Del Sol, Air Conditioning Help Please?

I have a 1995 Honda Del Sol type S, and the AC doesn’t work. I bought the car from my uncle a while ago and he told me the AC stopped working he thinks after he washed the engine one time. The AC clutch doesn’t engage. But there’s something funny, if i turn the air on and also the AC button and then i go under the hood and just hit the clutch lightly it engages and runs some cold air. But as soon as the car revs just slightly it disengages. I really need to get this fixed soon. Any help or tips is appreciated.

Thanks Everyone.

I would take this car to an independent shop specializing in AC repair. These folks are the experts. They have the equipment and knowledge to correctly diagnose and repair just about any AC problem. You and I do not.

It sounds like it needs a new compressor clutch. What’s probably happened is the compressor clutch has worn to the point where the air gap between the clutch and pulley is so great that the electro-magnet for the clutch can’t pull the clutch in. When you tap on the clutch face you assist the clutch to engage.

The clutch itself can be replaced without replacing the entire compressor/clutch assembly with the proper tools.