1995 Honda Civic battery drain and engine flooding

My car battery drains super fast when i crank my flooded engine. Is that supposed to happen?

I guess that you have avoided the 2 obvious things to do because you are not mechanically inclined . First have your battery checked as it may be on its way to failure . Second have the Flooding problem solved .


A good fully charged battery provides plenty of cranking time. But give the starter motor some time to cool down after every 20 seconds or so of cranking.

Are you sure it’s flooded? Are you holding the gas pedal to the floor when trying to clear a flooded engine?

More common on Hondas is lack of fuel. You “fix” that by turning the key from Off to Run a few times, letting the fuel pump run each time to bring fuel and fuel pressure up to the engine. Only then, turn the key all the way to Start. Don’t touch the gas pedal.

Good luck and please let us know your results.

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Sounds like a weak battery and exactly how sure are you that the engine is actually flooding?

If it is actually getting raw gasoline into the engine then you might consider that a failed fuel pressure regulator diaphragm has given up; and considering the age of the car is quite possible.
Remove the vacuum line to the regulator and see if there is gas in it.