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1995 Gran Am Cam Tower Issue

I have a 1995 Grand Am. I bought the car almost 2 years ago and it’s had a small oil leak that’s not really been a huge issue, but while trying to track down an issue with the temp gauge constantly redlining, but the car never overheats. I found out that the cam tower had been rebuilt wrong.

The cam tower had been put together with partial the wrong bolts and they used washers at spaces for some of the bolts. I never noticed this when i bought the car and it’s to late to do anything now. The oil leak comes from this little gap around the head since it’s not seated properly.

My question is do you think I could get away with putting a bead of RTV make a gasket around the gap, to put an end to the leak, probably a quart every couple of weeks until I either get rid of it, or fix it. Fixing it right now is out of the question I just don’t have the $500 to do it.

And another sort of related question could that gap be the sort of the temp gauge constantly redlining even though the car doesn’t overheat. I’ve replaced coolant temp sensor, thermostate, air dam, not sure what else is causing this problem.