1995 Ford Ranger gurgling

Help - gurgling sound behind the right of the dashboard (passenger side). Sound like water back there but no water coming out and no A/C so it’s not condensation. Any ideas?

Right side of the Ranger is where the condenser is, and it’s drain is probably clogged. You will have to get under the truck and look for the drain to clear it out so that the water will drain.

Thank you for the suggestion, but there is no A/C…is there still a condenser then?

There’s probably air in the cooling system and what you’re hearing is the air/coolant passing thru the heater core. To purge the air out of the cooling system, get the engine up to operating temperature. with the engine idling, slightly loosen the upper radiator hose clamp. Take a flat bladed screwdriver and insert it between the radiator hose and the hose neck on the radiator. Allow the engine to idle until the air is purged out of the cooling system. Retighten the clamp.


Sorry about that no,you would not have the condenser, but the unit is then the heater unit and you may have water in there as well. Besides it it is not the condeser but the evaporator, got my head shot and no there will not be one in there.

Wearing safety glasses of course, keeping your mouth closed, and being sure to catch any coolant for proper disposal so as not to sicken any critters.

Thank you both for the fantastic responses. It has been really helpful. My last follow up…will NOT taking care of this cause any significant harm? Just that it seems to be a little out of my realm of car expertise.