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1995 Ford Probe stabilizer bar

My wife’s car needs a new one, amongst other things. Is it terribly important to have?

We’re kinda tired of sinking money into it, but can’t afford a car payment right now. If we can do without it, we’d prefer to.


You’re driving style will dictate if you need it or not. Take it off of the car for now and test drive paying particular attention to cornering. It also affects your swerve, If you swerve to miss a pothole you may lose conrtol having gotten used to the car’s previous atributes. re-learn the car’s handling and you should be ok.

Did the original one fall off? It is unusual to need a replacement bar. Often the end links need replacement and they are usually pretty inexpensive. If you need a bar, a salvaged one should do just fine and may cost a lot less. You can put yourself at considerable risk in evasive maneuvers if you lose a stabilizer bar. It can put you into too much over steer or under steer very quickly. I would fix it and it should not cost too much.

Under steer is when the driver gets scared. Over steer is when the passenger and the driver get scared.

My wife corrected me in that it is actually called the sway bar. I’m pretty sure we’re talking about the same thing here anyway, but wanted to clarify.

The bar itself is still attached, yes. And the end links are probably what really needs replaced, as I have it tied up to the rear axle with some wire so it doesn’t droop at the moment. We got an estimate from our usual car/tire shop, which was about $250 or so. I think that was the links, bar, and labor.

Thank you for the replies!!

Why does it need the bar? Usually its just the links.What labor time are they charging? (can’t imagine more than an hour)

Estimate is as follows…

Sway bar repair kit-rear suspension qty 2 $169.74

Looks like labor is $67.64.

Less than a hour labor.I would have to see the kits to make a call on if they are overpriced.