1995 Corvette won't start intermittently no matter what the weather is



Does anyone have any idea why my 1995 Corvette won’t start intermittently? I wait about 15 to 20 minutes, then it will start.


Check for spark and fuel, it’s one or the other…


When you turn the key you get nothing, only dash lights in cluding the security light on the left.


Remove BOTH battery cables from the battery and clean them with a warm solution of baking soda and water. Clean the terminals up with a tooth-brush size wire brush. If you find a badly corroded terminal, replace it…

As a second test, next time this happens, turn on the headlights and have someone watch them as you turn the key. If they go out, it’s a bad battery connection for sure. If they stay on and bright, the next suspect is the battery cable to starter solenoid connection, nasty to get to on a Chevy V8…


Engine to body ground wire keeps the battery from charging fully and makes for a lousy electrical system. Usually the starter is slow too.


only dash lights in cluding the security light on the left.

Do the rest of the dash lamps go out in about 5 seconds but the security light is still lit? Check your manual under the section that describes the security operation to see if that is what is inhibiting the engine from starting. If the system fails to detect the correct key, it will inhibit operation for a preset time- usually about 5-10 minutes. Then it will allow another attempt to start. I’d rule this out as a cause first, before looking elsewhere…