1995 Buick Lasabre stalls after starting

So was at the store the other day and my car started and then as I was starting to move stalled out, then wouldn’t start again for several minutes but stalled again, I also noticed that my power windows won’t roll up or down and when I hit the switch to roll them up dome light flashes on and off, not sure what the problem could be, but if anyone knows anything that might help fix the problem would be very grateful.

your battery voltage is probably to low and vehicle is going into limp mode. when battery volts are to low the vehicle will do some crazy things like you described because there is not enough voltage to support all the electronics. have your alternator and battery checked. also make sure your battery cables are clean and tight.

Done all of that had the battery replaced about 4 months ago also took the alternator off and had it tested said it was good also tested the connections with a volt meter said around 12.4v so I’m just stumped thanks for the reply

Remove the side mount battery terminals from the battery and inspect for corrosion.


If any is found, replace the cables.


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No corrosion cables look fine, so doubtful it’s the cables thank you for reply

Cable ends look good. How about internal cable corrosion?

also check the other end of the ground cable.


Cant see any corrosion anywhere any other possibilities?

do you have a Antitheft system? or after market alarm? they are know to cause all sorts of problems especially on older vehicles.

nobody asked, but did you have a check engine light on or any codes?
it could be 2 separate issues.

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It’s possible your stalling is unrelated to the electrical problems. But 12.4 volts – presuming that’s an accurate measurement – is too low for a battery measurement. It indicates the battery is defective or not properly charged.

This is the simple battery/charging system test I use for driveway diy’er assessment: Before the first start of the day the battery should measure 12.6 volts. Immediately after starting the engine, 13 - 15.5 volts. What do you get?

A good car battery should read 12.4-12.9 volts when the car is off. Anything lower doesn’t necessarily mean the battery is bad. Your car’s electrical system may have drained it, or there may be an issue with your alternator.


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Ok well can’t get the car running long enough to test the voltage while running pretty much just stalls out after starting there is a engine light but can’t read the code cause it’s not staying running thanks again for all the replys.

Also I’m wondering why my windows wont roll up or down with the vehicle not running dome light goes off and on when I press the window switch, also here a click coming from fuse box under dash, but I’ve inspected all the fuses under the hood and under dash none are blow.

Almost sounds like a bad connection you do not need the motor running to pull a code.
Key on engine off should pull a code.