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1995 4Runner V-6

How to change the filter & fluid on my automatic transmission?

I don’t know the 4-Runner in particular. But this usually involves removing the transmission pan. This is normally the only way to change the filter, and this alone doesn’t change all of the fluid (~50%). There are other ways of changing out the fluid that don’t involve dropping the pan. But most of them are best done after having pulled the pan to change the filter.

The shop wants to do a transmission flush. Isn’t flushing doesn’t involve removing the pan & changing the filter? Should I go ahead with a flush (more old fluid are removed) or pan drop-filter change (less old fluid removed)?

Now would be a good time to say how many miles are on the transmission and whether or not it has been regularly serviced (every 30K miles is best no matter what the manual says). If it hasn’t been serviced regularly then I wouldn’t flush it at all. (And no, flushing does not involve a new filter or pan inspection/cleaning). I would drop the pan & filter and then do it again in another 10K or so. Then probably again before going to every 30K. You will get different opinions on the flush, but if you do go for it I would most certainly do the filter first.

Is this fluid replenishment possible flush question comming up because the transmission is not working correctly? are you trying to fix a problem this way?

In response to both cigroller & oldschool, no, the tranny is working okay. I brought the car in for routine tire rotation last week. They checked the fluids ,etc… & the fluid showed darker than usual color. My mileage is 148-T plus. I can’t remember when the filter was last changed (dealer did it). I did the pan drop-filter change on my Corolla. I want to do the same on the 4Runner but a visual inspection show there’s a tube or hose from the pan to somewhere in the engine. The pan has a drain plug (?). I don’t want to end up with more costly repairs until I am sure of what the tube or hose is for. I need help. Thanks. Also how do I change the fuel filter? Gas starts flowing out when I remove the clamps.