1995 4 cyl chevy corsica-no power driving uphill

1995 4 cyl chevy corsica-no power driving uphill. Can not go over 30 or 40 mph. Sometimes I hear a loud clanking-metallic noise? 120,000 milage

Well, first thing I’d suspect would be fuel or air filter… have they been replaced recently? Next I’d have done a fuel pressure test and if that’s fine, compression test.

No, I will replace fuel and air filter. If that does not help, I will have the fuel pressure and compression test done. Thank you.

The clanking metallic noise makes me think of the catalytic converter. It could be broken into pieces internally, which could cause a major loss of power and limited top speed. When you’re having the other work done, have them check the converter as well. That’s what I think it is.