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1994 Toyota Corolla - measuring trans fluid level

1994 Toyota Corolla. When I check the transmission fluid while idling, even though I wipe of the stick and reinsert it, the fluid is all over the stick when I try to read it, which makes for a false reading. Can I get a idea of the correct level (approximate) with the car off? Right now with the car off, the level is about 1 inch above the full mark. (Mechanic did that, I think.)

No, it must be running. If it IS over the full line, some needs to be removed. It is not good to over-fill transmission fluid nor engine oil for that matter.

Make sure it is bright red in color. If the color is getting brown and your engine coolant is getting a little low, it may be leaking into your transmission from the oil cooler in the radiator. That is very bad news if you don’t fix it ASAP.

Sometimes it’s frustrating when residual fluid gets on the dipstick. You just have to keep checking and wiping the stick until you are confident of your resdings. Engine must be running and at operating temperature when checking.

Ok, thank you. It is so hard to read.