1994 Saturn SW2 Overheating

Hi all- have a 1994 saturn SW2 120k miles. On drives more than 20miles, car overheats. Already replaced radiator, thermostat, fan, radiator hoses, water pump, coolant resevoir and cap. Coolant is clear, not milky. Checked for exhaust gases in coolant with Block Check kit…all ok. Still overheats on longer drives. Coolant boils out of resevoir thru cap. Temp runs at about 1/2 between hot and cold on short trips. Am out of ideas…any suggestions?

Saturns are well known for head gasket leaks. The symptoms you describe are very typical. A friend of my wife had this exact problem a few years back. The repair is about $900 if no actual damage was done to the engine. If there was, the repairs would be too costly and you would scrap the car.

So, I would have the cooling system thoroughly tested, and also a compression test done. Even though you checked for exhaust gasses, and did not see any, the leak may be small and appear only under load when driving. This problem is so common with Saturns and Neons that my wife’s friend with the Saturn was told even before they tested it that it was a head gasket.

Thanks Docnick…will have it checked out

Make sure all your fans run, daughter had the 2002 variety same problem, bad fan replacement was the solution.

If the reserve tank fluid is “boiling” you have a blown head gasket.